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Patient Updates

I have an appointment with my doctor or I have a surgery or procedure scheduled, but I’m concerned about getting the virus. Should I keep the appointment?

Yes. Our physicians are evaluating routinely scheduled office visits and scheduled surgeries or procedures.

For provider appointments, our providers will determine if a telehealth visit is an alternative. This will include both telephone and video virtual health visits.

  • Appointments are not canceled unless the providers determine that after talking with the patient.
  • Our practices are open for patients who need to be cared for by our providers on-site for any acute issues.
  • Each provider practice will proactively contact patients who have scheduled office appointments to determine if they come in person or if they set up a call or have a video visit, if that is an option. Patients with smartphones or online video access may have additional options, such as using a video consultation.
  • If a patient has a scheduled surgery, the physician will determine the best treatment plan and discuss that with the patient.

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