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Prisma Health and statewide coronavirus clinical research

Prisma Health and researchers across the state are engaging in several clinical trials and research studies to understand, treat and prevent coronavirus. While clinical trial participation is voluntary, not all patients will be eligible for these clinical trials. Your health care providers will discuss treatment options with you and can let you know if you qualify for any clinical trials currently available at the sites where you receive care. 

Quick reference terminology: A database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Phase: Clinical trials are conducted in a series of steps called “phases.” Each phase has a different purpose and helps researchers answer different questions on safety, effectiveness, and optimal use. Find more information on clinical trial phases

Standard of care: A diagnostic and treatment process that clinicians should follow for a certain type of patient, illness or clinical circumstance.

Placebo: A harmless medicine or procedure that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new drugs. For example, a sugar pill.  

Efficacy: The effectiveness of what is being tested.

Clinical research currently being conducted at Prisma Health:

The treatment trials, COVID-19 testing, and impacts on patient population studies listed below are being conducted at Prisma Health locations in the Upstate and Midlands.

Treatment Trials

Impacts on Patient Population Studies

Clinical research throughout the state

The vaccination trials, treatment trials, and impacts on patient population studies listed below are being conducted at various locations within the state of South Carolina and are not currently available at Prisma Health locations.

Vaccination Trials

Treatment Trials

Impacts in Patient Populations

Clinical trials: How you can make a difference

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the term “clinical trials” has become common as researchers quickly investigate ways to treat and protect Americans against coronavirus. But what does that process look like and how can you help?

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