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Patient Safety Information

Lewis Blackman Patient Safety Information Sheet

Thank you for choosing Prisma Health for your care. At Prisma Health, we want to provide you a very good experience during your stay at our facilities. You will receive services by people in many roles while at Prisma Health.

Some of these roles are described below for your knowledge and comfort.

If you stay in the hospital, you will be admitted to a doctor called your “attending physician.”

If this doctor cannot see you on a certain day, he or she will assign another doctor to help cover your care. Your doctor may also ask other doctors to help with your case. Please ask your doctor or nurse to explain the other people involved in your care if you have any questions.

Prisma Health facilities contain teaching hospitals and take part in accredited academic programs.

That means they provide education to many people in several areas of medicine. Licensed physicians, called “resident physicians,” are being trained here. One or more resident physicians may help take care of you during your stay. They will also help make decisions about your care and may perform or assist in procedures.

You may see other students or trainees here, too.

Examples are nursing, medical, physical therapy and social work students. Resident physicians and other people receiving training are under the supervision of a properly appointed, hospital-approved person.

All team members, people in training and doctors on the medical staff wear a badge clearly stating their name, department and job or title. That way, you know who is involved in your care, treatment decisions or surgeries.

The nursing team is often in contact with doctors and others involved in your care. If you ever have questions, please contact your nurse. If you want to contact your attending doctor or other doctor helping with your case, your nurse can call that doctor. The nurse, if asked, will also give you a phone number for your attending doctor and can help you make the call.

Again, thank you for entrusting Prisma Health with your health care needs. Making sure you have a very good experience is our goal.

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