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Cardiac Testing and Imaging

Stay heart healthy with advanced testing

Prisma Health provides the most advanced, minimally invasive cardiac testing available to give you and your doctor the answers needed to care for your heart. Our cardiac specialists, nurses and technicians will keep you comfortable while ensuring the most accurate results. In fact, we’ve performed more than 60,000 cardiac tests annually – so you can be sure you’re getting the most compassionate, experienced care. 

A range of painless, minimally invasive cardiac tests 

Below are some of the most common cardiac tests available at Prisma Health. Other heart and vascular testing procedures are available as well — talk to your Prisma Health doctor about your needs.

 Calcium scoring Computed tomography (CT) technology detects calcium in the coronary arteries to determine total atherosclerotic plaque buildup – a critical measure of your heart disease.

 CT angiography – CT angiography uses X-rays to visualize blood flow throughout the body, from arteries serving the brain to those bringing blood to the lungs, kidneys, and arms and legs.

 Echocardiogram – An ultrasound of the heart used to understand the health and function of its walls, blood flow, valves, chambers. 

 Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) – A test using electrodes taped to the body that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat.

Vascular ultrasound – Sometimes called a duplex study or scan. An ultrasound is used to detect blood clots and identify blockages in the arteries and veins.

 Holter monitor – A portable battery-operated device the patient wears that measures and records the heart’s activity continuously for a set period to track and evaluate an irregular heartbeat.

 Nuclear stress test – A four-hour procedure using a safe, radioactive dye that allows a cardiologist to precisely evaluate the blood flow patterns to the heart.

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