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Home Respiratory and Sleep Products

Prisma Health Equipped for Life offers equipment that provide effective sleep and respiratory management solutions. Our products offer patients the freedom to live a fulfilling life by restoring their ability to sleep and breathe naturally.

Man sleeping with sleep apnea device.

At home and on the go, the products we sell make it easy for everyone to engage with their care and integrate it into everyday life, enhancing their experience and results. As intuitive to experience as sleeping or breathing itself, we help every patient to embrace their condition in order to help them in their goals to regain control, feel human again, and live the life that they want.

At  Equipped for Life, we support recovery and chronic care at home to give patients the confidence and peace of mind that they’re always getting the care they need.


We proudly offer sleep apnea products. When the prescription is received from your physician Equipped For Life will call you to set up a one on one appointment with an experienced Respiratory Therapist. The therapist will teach you about your sleep apnea, instruct you on your new machine and fit you in an appropriate masks. We will also follow-up with you to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Masks and Supplies

A proper mask fit is essential to ensure you get the most out of your CPAP or BILevel machine. We offer the latest in comfortable masks, including full face, nasal masks, and nasal pillows. They are latex free and come with headgear to meet a variety of needs.

Our respiratory therapists are well trained to fit you in the right mask for your face shape and prescribed pressures. They can also teach you about cleaning and replacing your supplies. Call us to schedule an appointment so we can dedicate one-on-one time to ensure you have exactly what you need.

CPAP Pillows

For some patients, sleeping on a regular pillow when wearing their CPAP masks can be cumbersome. Equipped for Life carries memory foam CPAP pillows with side cut-outs to allow you to sleep comfortably on your side. Click here to see the pillow we offer.

Home oxygen

Equipped for Life works to provide the most convenient oxygen delivery devices available. Your physician will help determine whether you meet the criteria for pulsed dose of oxygen instead of continuous flow. If you qualify, Equipped for Life staff will help you choose the best unit for your needs and will train you or a family member on safe usage.

If you are prescribed home oxygen therapy by a physician then you will have blood tests or a non-invasive oxygen level saturation test to show your oxygen level and help determine your needs. Your physician will write a prescription and will specify the flow rate, how much oxygen you need per minute (known as liters per minute, LPM or L/M), and exactly how often to use the oxygen.

It’s essential that you follow your doctor’s orders regarding the liter flow you use and the number of hours you are on oxygen each day.

If you have questions before or after beginning home oxygen therapy, the staff at Equipped for Life is here to help.

Travel oxygen

Don’t let the prospect of traveling with oxygen keep you at home. You can still enjoy going places – it just takes some advanced planning.

First, talk with your doctor and get a written statement of your oxygen needs. If you qualify for travel oxygen, Equipped for Life can supply you with a portable, FAA approved tank. Be sure to contact the airline, cruise line or other group you’ll be traveling with to confirm their requirements.

Supplies are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact your therapist for details.


No matter which type of home oxygen therapy you are prescribed, we are ready to help. Call us each month and we can send nasal cannulas, filters and water bottles via UPS. A monthly scheduler is also available if you prefer we call you to set up monthly supply delivery.

Home ventilators

It is becoming more common for patients to transition to life at home, even on a home ventilator. Although it might be an overwhelming thought, many families have adjusted to life for themselves or their family member while receiving mechanical ventilation. Today’s models of home ventilators are small, portable, and very simplistic for families to travel with and maintain.

Nebulizers and supplies

A nebulizer (or atomizer) is a machine that vaporizes liquid medication into a fine mist that you can inhale through a mouthpiece or mask. Nebulizers are mainly used to help treat asthma, but can also be effective for other respiratory conditions.

Equipped for Life sells nebulizers and related supplies for adults and children. Equipped for Life does not supply the medications used in nebulizers, but works with several vendors you can trust.

Tracheostomy supplies

We want to make life at home with a tracheostomy as easy as possible for you. Equipped for Life stocks all sized and types of trach tubes for every age. If we do not have it in stock, we can order it for you or your loved one. Our respiratory therapy staff are very experienced with educating families on transitioning home with all of the equipment needed, and is available for questions. We go through an extensive check list with each caregiver in the home setting.

Certain types of supplies can only come from a patient’s home health company. Our customer service representatives can assist you with any information you might need.