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Your Pregnancy

Congratulations, you are having a baby!

Pregnancy and birth are key events in the life of any family. That is why our providers and team members consider it a privilege to be part of your pregnancy and birth experience. It is also why we strive to provide you with high-quality care in a comfortable, nurturing environment to make your special delivery everything you have imagined it would be.

Your birth, your way

Your range of birth options may vary based on where you will be delivering your bundle of joy. We have 8 Birthplace facilities across the Midlands and Upstate where 1 out of every 4 babies in the state is born.

We offer the highest level of care while honoring your birth plan along the way. If you do not have a birth plan, we encourage you to consider your options and talk about them with your care provider before your delivery. View a sample birth plan.

You’re pregnant. Now what?

Your care team is here to support and educate you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum care. As your body changes throughout your pregnancy experience, each trimester brings new milestones in your baby’s development, changes to your body, and tasks and preparations to undertake.

Here’s what you may expect during each trimester of pregnancy:

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Women with diabetes need special care before, during and after pregnancy. If you are diabetic and pregnant there are steps you can take to reduce the risks for you and your baby.

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How to safely treat common pregnancy concerns

To help you feel more at ease about treating symptoms during your pregnancy, OBGYN Lauren M. Beasley, MD, shared common discomforts you may experience and safe medications to treat them.

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Caring for yourself after delivery

Your new bundle of joy is finally here, and while your focus is on your new baby, you need to heal well to be able to care for your baby.

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Experiencing a loss

Losing a baby is devastating and painful. But surviving the emotional impact of pregnancy loss is possible, and many women go on to have successful pregnancies.

We hope you find comfort in the information provided here.

For additional support, visit Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, an international support organization with local groups led by parent volunteers.